7 Tips to Make Your Lip Liners Look Professional

7 Tips to Make Your Lip Liners Look Professional

Although it is not mandatory to apply lipstick before lip liner, it can make your lipstick last longer and look more gorgeous. It can make your lips look terrible if you do it wrong. The most important thing to do is learn how to properly use your lipliner. Are you ready to achieve perfectly stained lips without any blemishes? This is your game plan. Continue reading.

1. Start with lip balm

Lip balm should be a regular part of your Laura Mercier for your skin types routine. Before you apply lipstick, smoothen the balm on your lips. Use Kiss My Face Organic Lip Balm to say goodbye to chapped and dry lips!

2. Keep it blunt

If you don’t want your line to look unnatural, don’t sharpen your pencil to a very thin point. You can draw a lining that blends seamlessly with lipstick by keeping the tip of your lip liner blunt.

3. Hold your liner right

According to makeup professionals, you should hold your liner pencil at 45 degrees. Excessive pressure can cause jagged lines. Wear lip liner with a minimum of pressure. For 2-3 times, use a light hand to make short strokes.

4. Create a base

Lip liner doesn’t have to be used just for lining your lips. Use it instead to create a base for lipstick. To create a thin layer of color, apply the liner to your lips. This method has a few benefits. It will make your lipstick last longer. Your application will not look patchy.

5. Create an

Use your lipliner to draw an X right at Cupid’s bow. Now stretch your upper X lines to the corners of the lips. Make a small arc at the bottom of your lower lip. Draw lines at each end of the arc so that it ends at your corner. This will highlight the bow of Cupid in a prominent way. It’s also a way to get that perfect, sexy pout!

6. The best nude liner!

Although you may believe that lip liner should not be applied if it isn’t visible, many celebs rock nude liners like bosses. You can find out more at www.aaa.com. nude liner It will not be obvious, but it will help to avoid color bleeding and blurred edges. You won’t have a line around your lips if your lip color has been worn away. L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Liners, Nudes For Life, or Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lip Liners, Nude!

7. For fuller-looking lips

You can make your lips look fuller by drawing a line slightly beyond their natural edges. Your skin’s natural color should match the color of your liner.

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