The Deposed (Cockfight in El Rosedal Chusco Vs Aji Nergo).

The Deposed (Cockfight in El Rosedal Chusco Vs Aji Nergo).

Armando Martinez, Eza Ponze and their friend sat down at the back of El Rosedal Restaurant in Lima, Peru. Martha, Martha’s girlfriend was enjoying sandwiches with Maria, Eza’s spouse. Chusco, who was the owner of the white bird (rooster), sat still in the isle that overlooked the arena. He gently stroked his head with his hands as he held the bird of prey in each of his hands. felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Armando wasn’t sure if watching two birds and cocks fighting each other was correct.

Eza listened as Armando said to himself, “You OK?” ”

He didn’t respond.

Eza felt that he was doing serious thinking.

He said “Armando”, and then he stomped his feet.

“I’m here. “I’m there. I’m just daydreaming.”

“You want to bet?” One of them heard a voice in the back.

Eza replied, “No thanks. We are betting between ourselves. ”

“People bet on the cocks. ” Armando asked.

“Sure, which would you choose, the white, he is Chusco or Aji Negro?” ” Eza said.

Someone said, over a loudspeaker that the cockfight would begin in five minutes. Maria and Martha returned with sandwiches and coffee. They made their way through the crowd to their seats.

Everyone was surrounded by smoke. Three hundred people were also eating in the restaurant, drinking beer and talking. People shouted “Chusco!” ” “Aji Negro! ” “Chusco! ” “Chusco!” “Chusco!” and “Aji Negro!” Eza’s wife could not understand her husband’s complaints about the arena’s noise. He complained that the coffee was weak and tasted sour …””.

“What? ” “What?” She replied, “What?”

The coffee is terrible! Eza made faces, and he placed the coffee in front of his chair.

“Oh, that was all I could find. ”

The man in front was pushing his way down the isle. A box was in his hand. Aji Negro was the other cock in the box. The wooden box was placed near Chusco’s speaker, the one with the bullhorn. He returned to his original spot, just a bit to Armando and Eza’s right.

His fighter was released by the taller, younger owner of Chusco. The shorter man also released Aji Negro. Armando and everyone else leaned forward to view the cocks as they circled one another to find the weakness.

Martha asked: “Are they going to kill each other?” Martha closed her eyes and covered her face with one hand. She hoped to avoid being attacked.

Eza replied, “That’s why your’re here,” and Eza raised his hands along with 100 others and shouted, “Aji Negro!” He had placed ten-soles of Armando on Eza, who received “Chusco. ”

“How many cockfights has your family been to?” ” Armando asked Eza.

“Many …” stated Eza did not want to talk.

Martha said to Maria, “This is my very first one.” ”

“Just this one, haw?” Maria replied. Maria replied.

“That’s all! Eza responded by saying that she believed this to be the truth. You shouldn’t be complaining about the little things in life. ”

As he was returning to the fight between the cocks, she then stuck her tongue out at Armando. They were running at each other, trying to grab their necks and jump on each other’s backs. Eza leaned back in her chair and looked at Armando. It was as if he had just murdered his brother.

Eza was surrounded by people who were drinking large amounts of beer. They quickly poured the beer, filled up their glasses to the rim, then quickly focused on the fight.

After ten minutes, someone gave the whistle and the man wearing the red jacket returned the arena. The fight ended without any injuries, Chusco was still running around in the ring like a champion while Chusco was hurt.

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